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Now Is the Time to Worship is a practical guide designed to help you enhance your relationship with God. In this eye-opening book, the author reveals how anyone can know God intimately and experience His love in everyday life through the act of worship.

Filled with biblical references and spiritual anecdotes, this book outlines key strategies for achieving closeness with God, and shows how incorporating worship can make a dramatic difference in a person’s life.

In Now Is the Time to Worship, you will learn:

  • How to improve the spiritual health of your heart
  • How to increase the degree of God’s presence in your life
  • How to offer God the type of worship that is most meaningful to him
  • How to avoid common pitfalls that derail intimacy with God
  • How to establish credibility as a worshiper
  • And much more...

This rich body of work is a must-read for everyone, novice and veteran alike, who wants to experience more of God!

Who is this book for:

Now Is the Time to Worship will resonate with those who desire to encounter God, reconnect with God or experience more of God. It is also a great tool to help pastors, worship leaders and laypeople strengthen their understanding and practice of personal and corporate worship.

Notable mentions:

Now Is the Time to Worship was featured in a photo shoot with NBC's New York Live co-host Jacque Reid, and it was also featured in the November 2016 edition of KISH magazine.

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What People Are Saying

Now Is the Time to Worship is a must read book! Actually, it's a must read and then re-read book. True worship can seem illusive, yet, it is the most significant thing we can do to honor God. This book makes this fact very clear and lays out simple yet impactful ways to start worshiping now. I can't say enough about how this book has convicted me in the area of true and meaningful worship!

- M. Stallings

I literally could not put this book down, in fact, I read it twice. Yes ‘Now Is the Time to Worship’ is definitely a word from the Lord given to Rebecca for the Body of Christ for a time such as this...the insight, wisdom and revelation that you will receive as you read ‘Now Is the Time to Worship’ will transform you, inspire you, correct you, empower you and prepare you to soar in the spirit and not miss a beat.

-M. Cooper